About Us

Since 2004, Elegant Linen has become one of the most respected, cost efficient and high quality linen distributors in the industry. With its’ impressive line of clientele and direct manufacturing from Egypt, the company has grown quickly into a wildly popular distributor for major hotels all through the United States, especially New York City and Las Vegas. The company has, with dedication and determination, created a high quality line of linen products, superb customer service, heavily competitive pricing, and near unmatchable delivery timing.

Just to name some compelling reasons why Elegant Linen Corporation should be your first choice: 
We are a direct distributor from the United States, with warehouses in Las Vegas and New York.
The Elegant Linen Collection is manufactured directly in Egypt, and sent straight to our Cleveland, which results in the beneficial factor of having no middleman to deal with. 
Thread counts from 180 to 800 is offered in 100% pure Egyptian cotton, directly manufactured in our facility from Alexandria, Egypt.
As an added bonus, we have an exclusive offer of any decorative edging, logo or label, FREE OF CHARGE. Just another benefit of the Elegant Linen Excellence Experience. 
Any poly- blend in any color or pattern to your liking is easily created. 
Our delivery time is near unmatchable compared to our competition. After your first initial order, your product can take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks depending on product and quantity. After that, we stock your items and have them ready to ship same day when needed, taking approximately 1 to 2 business days. 
2581 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, NY 10303 1-877-800-0426 718-761-7585 718-761-7586 Fax: 718-761-7580.
To place orders or request pricing e-mail: Keshak@elegantlinencorp.com www.elegantlinencorp.com About Elegant Linen Corporation 3 EGYPTION COTTON TM You can nd our products in some of the biggest luxury hotels in the United States. Here is a small list with no particular order: